Re energize 

20 minutes for $25 | Head, neck and shoulders.

No need to disrobe, this is perfect to re energize your day.


Remedy Massage

50 minutes for $54 | 80 minutes for $74

Swedish Massage. This gentle form of massage uses long strokes, kneading, and deep circular movements to relieve stress and tension to help relax and leave you with full balanced & unity. 

Deep Pressure. This massage is any type of massage that is performed with more, or deeper, pressure to take it from a light touch to a “medium” or “firm” touch.




50 minutes for | $50

Fireman, Military, and Police Officers

Recently, the army began looking at alternative therapies, such as massage, to help wounded soldiers control their pain, stress and anxiety. The skin is the largest sensory organ in the human body and specialized touch through massage can help mitigate pain and give wounded soldiers, and their families who care for them an outlet for relaxation.